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Embolden by originality, REALYOU is a line of handcrafted jewellery that is created for the effortless and independent women who embrace their confidence during the daily hustle. 

We do things a little differently here - YOU come first. We pride ourselves on exceptional craftsmanship to create quality pieces you’ll actually want to keep. We aim to make jewellery pieces at prices and quality you can justify while maintaining the classic beauty for the modern era. 

Every collection manifests the real you and is inspired by all the women around the world. At REALYOU, the jewellery pieces are our form of expression. When you wear a ring that makes you feel powerful, you’ll have a personal connection with them. That’s when they become part of your story. 

And this is our story. We may be starting small, but we stand by women everywhere deserve to be celebrated and empowered. This is where #warreal get the opportunity to express their personalities and to find strength in all aspects. We want women to treasure themselves and know that it’s okay to be the real you. 

Stop worrying about being judged, let’s get real.

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